Chat Diary

Record your thoughts, effortlessly.

Privacy first Multiple use cases Easy to use

A personal memory bank for life's epic moments.

Keep a journal, track your goals or record your work with the power of your voice

Talk it out

Just hit record and whisper sweet nothings to your diary. We'll automatically transcribe your entry and save it for you.

Slice it up

We'll magically generate a title and a summary for your entry and extract any custom data you might want.

Lock it down

Quite the gossip? We've got you covered. Data is encrypted from the moment we say hello.

What you legends
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We're making quite the impact, and we're pretty proud of it!

blog Sarah Lee"

"Chat Diary has been my go-to app for keeping track of my fitness journey. Custom trackers have helped me stay motivated and focused, and the voice recording feature is perfect for when I'm on the go"

blog Alex Brown

"Keeping a journal has never been easier or more enjoyable since I started using Chat Diary. Insights from custom trackers are invaluable."

blog Maya Singh

"Chat Diary has been an essential tool on my travels. Automatic place name extraction helps me remember everything."

blog Rachel Myers

"I'm not the best writer, but Chat Diary has made journaling a breeze. The voice recording feature is easy to use, and the automatic transcription saves me time. The custom trackers help me stay organized and make the app perfect for my needs"

blog Tyler Henderson

"Chat Diary is an incredible tool for tracking moods and emotions. The sentiment analysis feature helps me identify triggers. "

blog Sarah Davis

"Chat Diary has become a part of my daily routine, and I love the insights I gain from my entries. The app has helped me identify patterns in my behavior and given me a deeper understanding of myself"

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